Sanitise Face Mask - Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser

Sanitising your face masks to reuse multiple times

Sanitise Face Masks

The Lumin LM 3000 Bioburden Reduction UV System is a self-contained Hospital-Strength UVC Germicidal bioburden reduction device. The Lumin LM 3000 Reduction UV System can be used for bioburden reduction of facial mask respirators that may be contaminated or potentially contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. The Lumin 3000 has been tested by independent laboratories to kill most bacteria and viruses (see Research and Testing)

The Lumin LM3000 Bioburden Reduction UV System enables single-user reuse of respirators that would otherwise be disposed of after a single use. However, respirators (Masks) that are visibly soiled or show wear and tear or have fluid or stains must be discarded and not reused or bioburden reduced.

Your mask should only be sanitised a maximum of 10 times. 2 cycles should be used with the mask turned over after each cycle.