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How Often Should You Clean CPAP Equipment

Now that you have been prescribed with a CPAP machine CPAP device, getting used to wearing your new CPAP therapy device while sleeping and using it correctly every night are the first critical steps to successfully managing sleep apnea obstructive sleep apnea. The next critical step in your therapy is learning how to properly clean […]

By lumin_au_admin September 27, 2021
Sleep Device Cleaner

How to Clean a CPAP Machine

In This Article How and why, you should Clean a CPAP Machine What is CPAP Equipment? Types of Cleaning Methods Manual Wipes Ozone Cleaners UVC Cleaning machines Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines is the most common treatment option for sleep apnea, a serious breathing disorder. There are several critical parts to the cpap system CPAP […]

By lumin_au_admin August 29, 2021
Sleep Device Cleaner

How To Choose Your Sleep Mask Cleaning Device

How To Choose Your Sleep Mask Cleaning Device Your doctor has diagnosed and prescribed therapy for your sleep apnea. As this is something new and relates to your health you may be trying to figure out how to manage your therapy going forward. When using cpap therapy there are several components that you need consider […]

By lumin_au_admin July 7, 2021
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Are Ozone Cleaners Safe?

I have been a clinician in the sleep business for a long time. Sometimes I see a product on the market that raises an eyebrow, and sometimes I see a product that raises genuine concern. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) run the gamut from healthy and athletic to those faced

By lumin_au_admin November 12, 2018