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Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser & CPAP Cleaning Machine

The maintenance of your CPAP and other breathing devices shouldn’t be a disruption in life. Yet, keeping your equipment consistently clean is super vital to stay on top of your health. Wouldn’t it be great though, if the cleaning process was done quickly with minimum fuss?

Sanitised Equipment in Minutes, Using Completely Safe UV Light Without Harmful Chemicals


the most lethal wave to microorganisms

The Lumin sanitising unit will sanitise all your equipment with the efficiency of ambient UVC light in less than 5 minutes!

Safe to use and routinely tested to maintain hospital grade quality, you will have complete peace of mind. Your equipment will be thoroughly sanitised, ready to use immediately.

CPAP users will also appreciate the smell of cleanliness the Lumin Sanitiser brings, making CPAP therapy a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

The Lumin Sanitiser makes maintenance of CPAP and breathing devices simple and effective as it:

  • Emits the most efficient and safest source of UVC light for sanitisation.
  • Uses precise wavelength intensity at 254 nanometres for highest sterilising effect.
  • Effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi that can cause infection and illness.
  • Has a simple, one touch, quick 5 minute sanitisation process.
  • Is a better, improved way to manage your health condition and doing it with confidence.

No More Soapy Water. Easy Sanitising with One Touch

Regularly cleaning your CPAP and breathing device’s mask, tubing and other important components with soapy water is not only time consuming. It can also be frustrating trying to reach the difficult areas like the folds and crevasses on the mask.

Simply place your CPAP accessories and breathing device items in the Lumin Sanitiser’s easy access tray. Items can include:

  • Masks
  • Tubing/Hoses
  • Nebuliser mouthpieces
  • Headgear
  • Anti-snore mouthpieces and mouthguards
  • Nose vents
  • Asthma spacers
  • Hearing aids
  • Any accessory or item that can fit in the conveniently sized Lumin Sanitiser tray

With its one touch 5 minute process, everything in the tray is completely sanitised.

Safe and Easy to Use
UV Light kills 99% of Bacteria

With the Lumin Sanitiser , life just got a whole lot easier and stress free

  • No more waiting for the soapy water or suds to dry on your equipment.
  • No more panic if equipment hasn’t completely dried and there’s no spare parts.
  • No need to worry about cleaning tricky areas that are prone to mould and fungal growth.
  • Knowing that cleaning your much needed equipment is no longer a time-consuming chore.
  • Knowing that your equipment is completely sanitised, clean and fresh.

No Harmful Chemicals and Gasses

The use of UVC is environmentally friendly, leaves no residue or toxic gases or chemicals. UVC systems are currently in use to sanitise ambulances, emergency service vehicles and other high touch areas.

No Harmful Ozone


Lumin makes cleaning your CPAP mask and accessories affordable.
A healthy CPAP experience should be affordable for everyone.



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3B Lumin for CPAP Mask Sanitisation

The human eye can detect electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum, which ranges from wavelengths of 400 nm (violet) to 700 nm (red). Since the early 20th century, we have known that light comes in packets called photons, and each photon has an energy.

Ultraviolet radiation is defined as radiation with a wavelength of less than 400 nm and greater than 100 nm, so it is below the visible spectrum and thus not detectable by the human eye. Ultraviolet radiation is split into 3 subdivisions, as shown in the following table.

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