Lumin Bullet Bundle - Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser

Lumin + Bullet

Lumin and Bullet a fast and easy way to sanitise CPAP accessories. Clean your CPAP equipment in minutes, no delays or wait times to use. Lumin Bullet will not work with ResMed Climate Line Heated Hoses.
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The Lumin Bullet works with all CPAP hoses Ozone-FREE. The Lumin Bullet will not work with ResMed Climate Line Heated Hoses. Ozone-FREE – Your device can be used immediately, with no residue to wipe off or waiting period required. Cleans In 5-Minutes – Featuring a one-touch operation and automatic shut-off, your Lumin chimes and lights up to let you know when the cleaning cycle is complete. We recommend using Lumin twice weekly on your hose.

  • SKU LM5000
  • Drawer Volume/Dimensions 231 ci (9.25 in L x 6.25 in W x 4 in H)


The Lumin is fantastic. It makes looking after my CPAP equipment so much more faster and easier.

- 01/03/2021

I find Lumin so useful, sanitising numerous items in our household. Mobile phones, remotes, make up, retainers, everything sanitised in such a short time.

- 16/10/2021

I am using the Lumin to sanitise my daughter’s Invisalign and other personal items like my phone and make up.

SYD - 07/03/2020

I love this product. The machine is easy. Just plug it in, open the drawer and put in your equipment, hit go and wait 5 minutes. This also gives you peace of mind as well. The cost is well worth it.

Judson H,
TX - 20/03/2018

Lumin has been a great investment!

Rodolfo C,
- 03/06/2020

I am very happy with the Lumin devices I received today.

David H,
- 01/10/2020

This is so fast and it's truly plug and play. One of the best purchases I've ever made. Once the Lumin cycle is finished you can smell how fresh it is.

Andrew S,
- 05/06/2019