Camping With CPAP Machine: All You Need To Know

Do you often love to go out on adventurous camping trips with your family and friends? It’s indeed an awesome experience to enjoy the natural environment while spending some quality time with your loved ones. However, you often need to double-check that you’ve packed all your essentials, from food, beverages, and other important belongings, to make the most of your camping experience. But what if you suffer from sleep apnea? In that case, you also need to carry your CPAP machine for camping with you to sleep peacefully.

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine utilized mild air pressure for helping users breathe properly while keeping their airways open while sleeping. Camping with CPAP is absolutely possible thanks to our easy-to-follow tips.

Get A Portable Battery For CPAP

Unless you want to carry an electric generator, which is obviously very loud, you need to consider getting a portable CPAP battery for camping. You can use an adapter alternatively to connect to your car’s battery, in case you’re going via your own vehicle.

Certain batteries are lightweight, small, and efficient for 1-2 nights of usage. This makes them perfect for backpacking and for situations where you require light packing. For more power, portable camping battery packs are a good option for you.

Get a Small CPAP Machine

If you are a frequent camper, you need to invest in a small CPAP machine for traveling or camping. Such smaller units are lightweight and compact and often come with integrated batteries. If you want to use them with an external battery pack, they often draw less power compared to full-sized machines. So, invest in such units to make your camping experience easier and more enjoyable for you.

Avoid Heated Humidifier

It’s a good idea to turn off your unit’s heated humidifier, if it has one. In that case, you want to use a battery pack for your CPAP while camping. If you don’t utilize the heat, you’ll use the heating units far more efficiently and get much more use out of a single battery charge. You might want to keep water in the humidifier chamber and just turn off the heating element, depending on the appliance, to maintain some humidity in the air.

Choose a Campsite with Electricity

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a battery pack for your sleep apnea machine for camping, one better alternative for you is to look for a campsite with ample electrical plug-ins. For this, you need to do a little more research or call certain ranger stations for finding the right spot. There are many campsites these days offering plug-ins for better convenience to the campers. All you need to do is get an extension cord with you and connect it to your CPAP machine for a peaceful sleep at a campsite.

Keep Things Clean

When you’re out camping, it’s time to be with the dirt. Nonetheless, when it comes to your CPAP therapy and other medical equipment, you must keep your things as clean as possible. Therefore, it is the best idea to pack your CPAP machine in a clean Ziplock bag and then place it in a carrying case. You also need to keep your machine away in the daytime to minimize any chance of it getting dirty.

Get UVC (UltraViolet Light C) Cleaners

You may consider investing in UV-based CPAP machine cleaner options, like Lumin, to keep your CPAP equipment clean. It is best to use such UVC cleaners that work at optimum time and wavelength. Plus, they must be thoroughly tested for their efficiency at credible testing laboratories. Lumin Multi Purpose sanitiser is great for cleaning masks and accessories.

Benefits of UVC Light

It is easier to kill viruses and bacteria when exposed to UVC light at 254 nm, bacteria and viruses. This means that by using Lumin, you can easily clean your sleep mask without the need to use soap and water for washing. Meaning you can more easily clean your sleep mask without needing to use soap and water. So, you can easily clean your CPAP accessories even while camping – without any inconvenience.


When it comes to camping with a CPAP machine, it’s best to follow our expert tips to make your camping experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, it is wise to sanitise your CPAP equipment with a product like the Lumin Sanitiser – as it works quickly and will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, and other pathogens. Besides CPAP accessories cleaning, it also caters as a UV phone sanitiser to help you keep your smartphone germ-free even in outdoor locations.

August 21, 2023 0

John S