Can a Dirty CPAP Make You Sick?

Sleep apnea patients often require Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy for proper breathing while snoozing. CPAP devices are vital for them to provide a consistent supply of air via a mask while opening airways when sleeping. However, the users also need to keep their CPAP machine clean to ensure its proper functioning. It is critical to understand the various health risks associated with dirty CPAP equipment.

In this blog, we’ll also share with you the right CPAP machine cleaner to maintain regular cleaning of your CPAP device. Hence, you can not only keep your device neat and clean but also in good condition for better performance in the long run.

Risks Associated with Dirty CPAP Equipment

Given below are some notable risks related to dirty CPAP equipment –

Allergic Reactions

If not properly cleaned, CPAP devices can catch dust mites, debris, pet dander, and other allergic contaminants. When these particles are inhaled, they lead to allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in those who have certain allergies or asthma. Coughing, sneezing, breathlessness, and nasal congestion are some of the common allergic reactions that can impact sleep quality, as well as the overall health of the patients.

Infections of the respiratory system

Unclean CPAP devices can even lead to several infections of the respiratory system. Since CPAP masks, humidifiers, and tubing are near the users, they can impact the health of the users if kept unclean for a long duration. It is because these parts can form a favourable environment for the growth of bacteria, mould, and viruses. All these can further lead to infections that aggravate already existing respiratory conditions, like bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, etc. when inhaled.

Skin Irritation

CPAP device’s headpiece and mask often come in direct contact with one’s skin. Bacteria, sweat, and oil build-up on these components can lead to skin irritations, like itching, rashes, and other infections. Therefore, maintaining a clean device is important for a comfortable experience while averting unwanted dermatological issues.

Reduced Equipment Lifespan

Keeping your CPAP device dirty also reduces its lifespan. Regular wear and tear and debris accumulation can cause malfunctions or result in the need for early replacement of certain parts. That’s why it is important to keep CPAP devices clean to preserve the value of equipment while protecting your health.

How to Clean a CPAP Machine

Wondering how to clean a CPAP machine to avoid the aforementioned respiratory health issues? Here are some easy ways to keep your CPAP machine clean and in good working condition:

Hand Cleaning

For this, you need to disassemble CPAP machine parts and give them a nice wash using soapy, warm water. Here’s how you can do it –

  • Take the components, such as tubing, humidifier, and mask, apart from the CPAP device.
  • Take soapy warm water to clean these parts thoroughly. Stay away from harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning your CPAP equipment.
  • Rinse well to ensure all soapy residue is removed.
  • Let all the components air dry before reassembling to prevent moisture accumulation. This helps in preventing mould formation.

Using CPAP Cleaners

While manual cleaning is a good option, it is quite time-consuming. Plus, it still cannot clean all the nooks and crannies of the components. That’s why you need an automated CPAP cleaner, like Lumin CPAP. It is a multipurpose sanitiser and CPAP cleaning machine. This makes it one of the most dependable and sophisticated CPAP cleaning devices on the market today.

Why choose Lumin multipurpose sanitiser?

Here are some notable reasons to pick Lumin multipurpose sanitiser as your trusted option for CPAP cleaning:

5-Minute Quick Sanitisation:

This device offers just five minutes of quick sanitization that thoroughly disinfects your CPAP components.

Easy One-Touch Function:

This device is very easy to use, thanks to its one-touch button option.

UVC Light Technology:

UVC radiation, which is used by the Lumin, is known to destroy 99.9% of germs and viruses. UVC light operates by releasing intense light in a narrow spectrum, centered at 254 nm, which is nearly identical to the wavelength that kills microorganisms (265 nm).

No Dangerous Gases or Chemicals:

The Lumin uses just light, as opposed to some cleaning techniques that use ozone or other chemicals, thus no dangerous gasses or residues are left behind.

 Multifunctional Sanitisation:

The Lumin is a flexible addition to your home since it can be used to sanitize not only CPAP equipment but also toothbrushes, hearing aids, and cell phones.


Unclean CPAP equipment is linked to serious risks to respiratory health, such as infections, allergic reactions, and skin irritation. Appropriate cleaning and maintenance are essential to prolong the equipment’s lifespan and minimize these risks. Even if manual cleaning is still effective, a CPAP cleaner, like the Lumin CPAP Cleaning Machine & Multipurpose Sanitizer, offers a more complete, safe, and practical option. Because of its quick sanitization process, easy to use interface, and use of UVC light, the Lumin is a very helpful device for people who rely on CPAP therapy for better sleep and general health.



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John S