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Everything You Need To Know About REM Sleep and Its Importance

What do you mean by sleep? Well, for a long time, sleep was simply believed to be a period of relaxation. In 1953, some scientists discovered that sleep is actually a complex process. It is actually important for several mental processes including learning and memory. REM is a sleep stage that is characterized by intense eye movements and is usually associated with dreaming. It has been observed that an average person experiences four to six REM episodes during a normal night.

In this post, we will discuss in detail all about REM sleep, its importance to the human body and how you can increase REM sleep. Let’s find out the details.

What Is REM Sleep?

It is often described as the most active stage of sleep and is associated with dreaming. In this stage, brain activity consists of faster waves along with rapid eye movements behind closed eyelids. Most of the muscles become temporarily paralyzed during REM sleep to prevent any sort of harm from acting out dreams. However, people still display occasional muscle twitches while having REM sleep. Other things that you might witness are breathing quickens, heart rate increases, and a person might wake up relatively alert. Usually, the period of REM sleep occurs around 90 minutes intervals throughout the night.

Why Is REM Sleep Important?

Several studies have revealed that REM sleep plays a crucial part in memory consolidation and further helps in maintaining and preparing neural connections to enhance future learning. It is also said that reaching the REM sleep stage fosters improvements in working memory. In short, REM plays a vital role in brain development as the person experiences muscle twitches that help in motor learning. Not just that, REM also contributes to creativity and emotional processing.

Dreams during REM sleep are unusual and vivid. Many researchers claim that REM sleep helps people in recovering from stressful events and obtaining an extensive amount of REM sleep after encountering a traumatic event might further reduce the chances of having post-traumatic stress disorder.  That’s not all, REM sleep also affects physical health and protects people against obesity.

How Much REM Sleep Do You Need?

Well, adults need at least seven hours of sleep every night. So, REM sleep should make up around 20-25% of total sleep. If you compromise your sleep cycle then you might not witness significant effects of REM sleep but after having 12 to 24 hours of sleep deprivation, people usually experience a REM rebound effects when they sleep. This means increasing the REM sleep to make up for the missed REM sleep previously.

How To Increase REM Sleep?

The truth is that REM sleep occurs usually during the second half of the sleep period, so this means that sleeping for a short period will not allow enough time to complete the REM sleep cycle. So, below are a few recommendations that can help you in obtaining more REM sleep while ensuring you get a sufficient amount of quality and quantity of sleep.

Fix Sleep Disorders

It is important to see if the alterations in REM sleep are due to some disruption caused by a sleep disorder, then treating the disorder can prompt a return to normal proportions of REM sleep. For instance, several studies revealed that after treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy, many people experience REM rebound sleep which helps in providing higher-quality sleep and a better mood overall.

Start and Maintain A Sleep Schedule

Well, having a proper sleep schedule is quintessential. The longer period of REM sleep tends to align with the dip in body temperature that usually occurs in the early morning time and is regulated by the circadian rhythm. So, disrupting the balance of irregular sleep-wake times will confuse your body and further interfere with REM sleep regulation. However, maintaining a healthy sleep cycle will fix the problem and help you obtain more REM sleep.

Say No To Sleep Aids

Certain antipsychotic and antidepressant medications might suppress your REM sleep. Many people continue taking such medications as they believe that the benefits are more than the drawbacks but the fact is that if the lack of REM sleep is affecting the quality of your life, then you must consult your doctor to lower your dose or switch to some other medication. Above all, you should also avoid intake of alcohol and tobacco as it can also affect your REM sleep.

Buy CPAP Machine To Get Better REM Sleep

Do you know that REM sleep time is increased by 69% with the CPAP machine? Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? If you want to learn more about CPAP machines or want to buy top-grade CPAP cleaning machines, then choose Lumin where you will get an exclusive range of CPAP equipment and consumables. Explore more.

The UV Disinfection Machine: Are They Safe For Electronic Devices?

Corona Viruses such as COVID-19 have been a life-changing event in almost everyone’s life. This time not only taught us the importance of our loved ones but also how health and hygiene play a crucial role in our lives. During this time the interest in cellphone disinfection increased significantly around the world. Do you remember how we all used to disinfect every single thing that used to enter our homes or was out of our daily use? People got to know that cell phones are not just a medium that helps us stay connected with our family and friends but is the fact that they are a potential germ minefield that can spread viruses in our bodies.

Mobile phone infections can help us keep away from the spread of viruses including COVID-19. Are you sure this is what you want to say as it makes no sense.  Why would infections keep the spread of viruses? UV phone sanitiser has now become a routine must-have accessory not only -in public spaces but also is now regularly used in the home environment.. Several industries have already adapted  themselves to the usage of UV disinfectants in particular the healthcare industry which has one of the highest usages. The healthcare industry stands firm that medical equipment and personal electronic products within the hospital environment is a must. Physicians, office personnel, and nurses use electronic devices to track and monitor the progress of patients. So, these devices are quite prone to carrying potential viruses. Therefore, regular sanitisation of these devices is much needed. During the time of COVID-19, hospitals became one of the many public environments that began the use of UV-C light disinfection machines.

But, the question that arises here is whether the usage of UV disinfectants is safe or not. Worry not, we will guide you with all the details. This article will explain to you the efficacy and safety of UV disinfectants and how they function to keep viruses away. Let’s dive into the details.

Is UV Disinfection Machine Safe For Electronic Devices?

Of course, you must be sceptical about whether you should invest in UV sanitiser to clean your mobile phones and other electronic devices. The answer is yes, it is safe to do so. Unlike traditional cleaning methods such as – harsh cleaning agents like bleach-based solutions and alcohol that can degrade or wear down your electronic devices over time, UV sanitising does not corrode the efficacy of your touchscreens or interiors of the electronic devices. It is because the UV-C wavelength affects the RNA and DNA of the bacteria, thereby effectively killing the pathogen and making it non-infectious. Devices that are oddly structured or shaped take more time to disinfect as they face difficulty in reaching the areas inside of the porous objects. However hard, flat and angular objects such as cell phones and laptops are perfect for the process, thereby rendering germ-free electronic devices in just a few minutes.

UV-C sanitisers sanitise electronic devices such as mobile phones without leaving behind no film or residue or spreading the germs around which can happen with disinfection wipes.  You can be confident that your mobile phone will be virus free after using a UV-C sanitiser.

Is Usage Of UV Disinfectant Safe for Humans?

UV technology has been used for decades for sanitising purposes, including food products and in healthcare facilities. With the advent of new viruses that have emerged the use of UV-C sanitisers have begun to be adopted by the general public. Lumin Multi-Purpose UV-C sanitiser is one product that used widely by the general public The Lumin Multipurpose sanitiser has been made with high-grade materials that ensure that UV-C sanitisation occurs safely without direct exposure to the UV light.

Lumin is surely the easiest and fastest way to sanitise your personal and healthcare items such as – mobile phones, keys, hearing aids, soft toys, retainers, and anything that can easily fit in a convenient drawer. It comes with ambient UV-C light and no harmful gases and chemicals that can hamper your devices. It operates at a wavelength of 254 nm which is considered to be the most effective for maximum germicidal activity for viruses. Just one touch of 5 minutes of sanitisation and you get a germ-free device. So, whether you are looking for home or office sanitisation, Lumin products are your go-to deals.

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