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Using the CPAP Cleaners Soclean or Lumin

Obstructive sleep apnea is a medical condition that causes interrupted breathing while sleeping. To treat this condition, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is the right solution. CPAP machines provide a steady air stream to keep airways open. This helps in maintaining constant breathing flow during sleep. However, cleaning your CPAP cleaning kit is important to maintain its effectiveness along with hygiene. The two popular CPAP cleaning machines are the Lumin CPAP machine cleaner and the SoClean sanitizer machine. But which one is right for you? Continue reading this blog to find out which is best as per your requirements.

Importance of CPAP Cleaning

Before understanding the features of these popular CPAP cleaning machines, it’s vital to know the reason to keep them clean. Well, CPAP devices come integrated with a mask, humidifier chamber, and tubing. All these accessories may be the breeding grounds of mold, bacteria, and other pathogens without regular cleaning. So, using a CPAP cleaning machine is important to eliminate harmful contaminants. This further reduces the risk of developing any respiratory infections while enhancing the longevity of the device.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner

SoClean is a popular CPAP cleaning machine that makes use of ozone or activated oxygen for sanitizing CPAP equipment.

Features and Pros of SoClean

Automated Cleaning: The device can clean itself automatically. All you need to do is keep your CPAP mask within the SoClean device and it will do the cleaning itself.

Eradicates 99.9% of Germs: This device claims to get rid of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and mold from your CPAP device and accessories.

No Disassembly: Another advantage of the SoClean device is that it doesn’t need any disassembly for cleaning. It saves effort and time.

Cons of SoClean

Here are various cons of SoClean devices:

Compatibility: All CPAP devices are not completely compatible with SoClean without buying any extra adapters.

Ozone Use: It uses the ozone (O3) to sanitize which leaves an odor of residue that certain users find unpleasant. Besides that, ozone is an oxidizing agent that may damage CPAP accessories with time.

Price: It is relatively pricey compared to other CPAP devices.

Lumin CPAP Cleaner

It is another popular CPAP machine cleaner that makes use of a different technology – ultraviolet (UV) light for cleaning your CPAP components.

Features and Pros of Lumin

UV-C Light: Lumin comes integrated with UV-C light that helps in sanitizing CPAP equipment. With this advanced technology, it becomes highly efficient to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses without using harsh chemicals or ozone.

No Residual Odor: Since it doesn’t use ozone for cleaning, Lumin does not leave any bad odor. This makes it highly pleasant to use.

Fast Cleaning Cycle: Another major benefit of using Lumin is the fast-cleaning cycle of this device. The entire cleaning process takes just 5 minutes which is much quicker compared to SoClean’s cleaning cycle.

Compatible with all CPAP masks: Lumin doesn’t need any adapters, as it is compatible with all CPAP masks and accessories. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free cleaning experience for all.

Multipurpose: Lumin is a multipurpose CPAP sanitizer machine, which can be used for sanitizing other devices as well. It can sanitize hearing aids, toothbrushes, keys, and small electronic devices. This makes it a valuable investment.

Cost-Effective: Compared to SoClean, Lumin is more affordable. So, it offers excellent value for its cost.

How Lumin Works

It is an easy to use Lumin CPAP device that comes with a UV-C light bulb. This UV-C light bulb emits high-energy light for eradicating the DNA of microorganisms. You easily open the Lumin drawer, keep your CPAP masks or accessories inside, close it, and push on the start button. Within five minutes, the CPAP masks or accessories are ready to use.

Why is Lumin the Best Choice

Compared to SoClean, Lumin is the best choice for various reasons:

Safe and Effective:

The UV-C light in Lumin is both effective and safe for sanitizing CPAP equipment. Unlike the ozone layer, UV-C light doesn’t produce any harmful odors or residues. This technology is widely utilized in laboratories and hospitals for sterilization. When you choose Lumin, it cleans CPAP accessories without exposing the equipment to harmful chemicals.

Versatility and Value:

Lumin is capable of sanitizing various items beyond CPAP equipment to add to its value. This multipurpose capability ensures you can use this device for cleaning other household items. It makes it a versatile addition to your house.

Quick 5-Minute Cleaning Cycle:

Lumin’s quick five-minute cleaning cycle has a major advantage. It enables users to easily clean the CPAP equipment efficiently and quickly, which is highly beneficial for people with busy schedules. The simplicity of this process, without needing any additional adapters or disassembly, adds to its convenience.


While SoClean and Lumin are investments for you, Lumin is relatively affordable. This makes it a cost-effective option, particularly due to its several benefits, like no use of the ozone layer, and lack of recurring costs of extra adapters or other accessories.


It is crucial to clean and maintain your CPAP device well for effective therapy. While both SoClean and Lumin are popular options among patients, Lumin stands out as a better option. Since Lumin comes integrated with UV-C light, it is a safer, more versatile, and quicker cleaning device without any cons related to ozone. So, if you choose Lumin CPAP machine cleaner, you invest in keeping your equipment hygienic while extending its lifespan and improving the CPAP therapy experience.

How to Sanitise Your Mobile Phone

We cannot function without our mobile phones in our daily lives. They function as our workspaces, entertainment hubs, and communication gadgets. But since we use our phones so much, they can grow dangerous bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungus. Our health and well-being need to be clean. Using a UV phone sanitiser, such as the Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser, is one of the best ways to sanitise your smartphone. This post will walk you through the process of properly cleaning your phone and explain why Lumin is a great option.

The Significance of Sanitising Your Mobile Phone

Germs are known to accumulate on mobile phones. The typical phone is ten times more dirty than a toilet seat, according to studies. This concerning figure is a result of the fact that, during the day, our hands come into contact with a variety of surfaces, transferring bacteria and viruses to our phones in the process. Moreover, cell phones are frequently carried in pockets, purses, and bags, which exposes them to additional contaminants. As a result, viruses and bacteria that can cause anything from mild skin infections to more serious ailments like food poisoning and the flu thrive on our phones, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

There are serious health hazards connected to a dirty phone. On mobile devices, harmful bacteria can cause infections such as the flu and colds, as well as more serious illnesses. These bacteria and viruses can readily enter our bodies when we touch our phones and subsequently our faces. This risk should be especially taken into consideration when using your phone in open spaces like offices or public areas where several individuals may come into contact with it. Our daily routines also make this problem worse; a lot of us use our phones when eating, using the restroom, or in other situations where cleanliness is compromised, which raises the risk of contamination.

Maintaining regular mobile phone sanitization is essential for reducing cross-contamination and improving general personal hygiene. Regular phone sanitization is essential to upholding health and cleanliness in your daily life because it shields these people from potential diseases.

Ways to Sanitise Your Mobile Phone

There are a few different ways to sanitise your phone, but not all of them are equally secure or efficient. Here are a few typical techniques:

  • Using Alcohol-Based Cleaners for Wiping:

Numerous bacteria and viruses can be eliminated by using wipes or sprays with an alcohol base. However excessive use can harm the phone’s screen and body.

  • Water and Soap:

Your phone can be cleaned with a diluted soap and water solution, but exercise caution to prevent water damage.

  • UV-Safe Phone Sanitiser:

This phone sanitisation process is both safe and quite effective. Up to 99.9% of germs and viruses can be eliminated by UV light without endangering your equipment.

Introducing the Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser

The cutting-edge Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser sanitises your phone and other items with a special high-power UV-C technology. This specialist light kills dangerous germs, viruses, mould, and fungus by focusing on the small wavelength of 254 nm. To ensure a high standard of cleanliness, this kind of light is also utilised in sterile clean rooms and operation rooms in hospitals.

How the Lumin Works

It uses UV-C light technology that penetrates deep into the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, disrupting their DNA to make them inactive. Lumin device makes sure that your mobile phone gets exposed to UV-C light from all sides for thorough sanitisation.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Keep your phone in the tray: Open the tray of Lumin, keep your phone in it and carefully close the tray.
  • Push the Start Button: As you push the start button, the device begins a sanitisation cycle that lasts 5 minutes.
  • Take out the Sanitised Phone: After the cycle completes, your mobile phone is free from germs and ready to use.

Pros of Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser

  • Safe for Your Phone: Lumin is safe for your phone compared to alcohol-based cleaners that may damage your phone’s casing or screen.
  • Effective Sanitisation: With the high-power UV-C technology, Lumin can kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungus.
  • Convenient to Use: Lumin’s sanitisation process takes only 5 minutes to sanitise your phone. Due to its convenient usage, this device is easy to integrate into your everyday routine.
  • Multipurpose Device: The Lumin is not only to sanitise your phones; it can even sanitise various other personal and healthcare items. This makes it a versatile cleaning and sanitisation device for your home or office accessories.

Lumin for Sanitising CPAP Masks and Accessories

Aside from sanitising mobile phones, Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser is great for sanitising your CPAP masks and accessories. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices are typically used by patients with sleep apnea. These devices and their accessories, like tubing and masks, need regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of mould and other harmful microorganisms. Using Lumin CPAP machine cleaner, you can easily maintain efficiency and hygiene of your CPAP equipment.


Lumin Multipurpose Sanitiser is a compact device that’s an essential device for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your daily life. It is a convenient device to sanitise your mobile phone, as well as CPAP masks and accessories, and other phone or office use items. Invest in this advanced multipurpose sanitising and cleaning device to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful viruses and bacteria.


Is Sleeping On Your Left Side Bad For Your Heart?

When it comes to health concerns, people talk about how we sleep. More precisely, the question is raised: Is sleeping on your left side harmful to your heart? We also go over the importance of keeping your CPAP gear clean regularly about this subject. Together, we will explore the specifics of these problems and practical solutions to maintain both your heart health and the cleanliness of your CPAP machine.

Debunking the Myth: Sleeping on Your Left Side and Heart Health

Is Sleeping On Your Left Side Bad For Your Heart? This question has long been a question of speculation. It’s often said that sleeping on the left side can impact blood circulation while putting a strain on your heart. 

However, many medical professionals state that there is no strong evidence suggesting any negative impact on heart health due to sleeping on the left side. Sleeping on your left side can relieve certain illnesses, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux. It is because this sleep position can keep stomach acid from going back to the esophagus.  

Since everyone has distinct preferences when it comes to sleeping positions, what suits one person may not work for another. So, people need to find a comfortable sleeping position to get deep sleep. After all, a peaceful sleep is what one needs to improve one’s health without creating any discomfort. 

CPAP Cleaning For Better Sleep

For people using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine to treat sleep apnea, it’s vital to maintain the hygiene of their device. For effective and safe use, CPAP accessories, like tubing, masks, and humidifier chambers, need proper cleaning regularly. 

If you ignore its cleanliness, it may lead to the accumulation of mould, germs, and other pathogens. This can lead to several health hazards while reducing the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Even manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of CPAP equipment.  

CPAP Cleaning Made Easy with Innovative Solution

While it is vital to maintain proper CPAP hygiene, doing so can be time-consuming and labourious. Thanks to technological advancements, users can find practical ways to expedite the CPAP cleaning procedure.

The Lumin CPAP Sanitiser is cutting-edge equipment whose one-touch sanitising mechanism makes CPAP hygiene convenient. Lumin CPAP Sanitiser can effectively clean CPAP accessories without the need for soapy water and manual cleaning. 

This device can hold tubing, masks, humidifier chambers, and other breathing device accessories, due to its easy-access tray. Within just five minutes, the device’s advanced sanitising procedure ensures that every accessory is completely cleaned and ready to use.

Why Choose Lumin CPAP Sanitiser?

The Lumin CPAP Sanitiser is a great option when it comes to CPAP hygiene for various reasons, like:  


The Lumin CPAP Sanitiser offers unmatched efficiency with a five-minute sanitising cycle, thanks to the one-touch operation. So, the days of labour-intensive cleaning schedules are gone.  


Safety is a must when it comes to thorough CPAP hygiene. Keeping user safety in mind, the Lumin CPAP Sanitiser makes use of UV-C light technology that efficiently disinfects accessories without any harmful chemicals. It ensures that CPAP equipment is clean and sanitises without compromising the health of the users.  


The Lumin CPAP Sanitiser is versatile and adaptable in contrast to other sanitising techniques with restricted uses. Thanks to its easy tray’s adaptability to hold various equipment, like tubing, masks, etc., it is a practical option for users with distinct CPAP configurations. 


Dispelling the notion among people, sleeping on the left side isn’t harmful to your heart. When it comes to improving heart health, you need to focus on regular exercise, diet, and general lifestyle choices. 

If you take CPAP therapy, consider a CPAP cleaning machine for maintaining good equipment hygiene. This assures the efficacy and safety of regular CPAP treatment. Using cutting-edge devices, like Lumin CPAP sanitiser, can help users to clean their CPAP accessories easily. Hence, users can effectively make the most of their therapy without worrying about the risk of unwanted health conditions due to unhygienic equipment. 

You need to take proactive actions to lead to better health. A healthier life is easy to attain with proper CPAP hygiene. Making CPAP hygiene a priority can help users take charge of their health while reaping the fruits of restful sleep and efficient CPAP therapy.

Unveiling the Mystery: Why Do We Experience Heavy Breathing During Sleep?

Have you ever found yourself out of breath and felt as though you had just completed a marathon while sleeping only to wake up in the middle of the night? Or maybe a spouse has mentioned about your heavy breathing when sleeping at night. Then you are not by yourself. A common occurrence that can be both worrisome and perplexing is heavy breathing while you sleep. This article will investigate the question of why we breathe heavily when we sleep and look at a few possible remedies, such as the ground-breaking LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine & Multipurpose Sanitiser.

Understanding Heavy Breathing During Sleep

Sleep apnea, also referred to as heavy breathing while you sleep, is a common sleep disease marked by shallow or paused breathing. These stops can come and go several times during the night, lasting anything from a few seconds to several minutes. If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause sleep patterns to be disturbed, which can result in daytime tiredness, irritation, and other health issues.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea (CSA) are the two primary forms of sleep apnea. OSA is a condition where the airway becomes obstructed due to excessive relaxation of the throat muscles as you sleep. Contrarily, CSA happens when the brain is unable to communicate with the breathing muscles correctly.

The Role of CPAP Therapy

One frequent treatment for sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. It entails donning a mask that is attached to a device that continuously blows air into the mouth to keep the airway open as you sleep. Reducing sleep apnea symptoms and enhancing the quality of sleep are two benefits of CPAP therapy.

But it’s essential to maintain clean, sterile equipment if you want CPAP therapy to work as intended. Hoses, humidifier chambers, and CPAP masks can all develop into havens for mould, germs, and other dangerous pathogens over time. To avoid respiratory infections and other health problems, regular cleaning and upkeep are crucial. So, how to clean a CPAP machine? For convenient cleaning, consider using an advanced equipment, like LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine.

LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine & Multipurpose Sanitiser

Introducing you a healthier option for multifunctional product sanitization: the LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine & multifunctional Sanitizer. This cutting-edge tool provides a rapid and simple way to clean and sanitise CPAP equipment in addition to a variety of other home goods.

The LUMIN employs high-energy UVC light and a straightforward one-touch operation to eliminate 99.9% of germs, pathogens, and fungi on surfaces in five minutes or less. The LUMIN provides a secure and environmentally beneficial substitute for conventional cleaning techniques that depend on dangerous chemicals or ozone.

Key Features of the LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine & Multipurpose Sanitiser:


Modern technology is used by the LUMIN to thoroughly sanitise CPAP equipment as well as other household objects. To kill microorganisms, it specifically targets the most harmful wave with its narrow range of high-energy UVC (ultraviolet C) light emissions.

The bacteria, viruses, and mould are successfully exposed to this UVC light, which damages their DNA and prevents them from reproducing or posing a threat. The LUMIN can remove the bulk of mould and bacteria from surfaces in just one 5-minute cycle.


Reliability is vital while cleaning CPAP equipment. With its proven ability to eradicate 99.9% of bacteria, including common pathogens that can lead to infections and respiratory ailments, the LUMIN is equipped with UVC light technology. This high degree of efficacy guarantees complete sanitization, giving users peace of mind and lowering the chance of contamination. Every time it is used, the LUMIN produces results that are dependable and consistent since it uses UVC light with precise wavelength and intensity.


Given that CPAP machines come into direct touch with the respiratory system, safety is the priority when it comes to cleaning and sanitising these instruments. The 5-minute ozone-free cleaning cycle of the LUMIN is a sign of its commitment to safety. As opposed to conventional cleaning techniques that could use ozone or strong chemicals, LUMIN’s ozone-free procedure makes sure that no hazardous residues or byproducts are left behind.

Environmentally Friendly:

The LUMIN CPAP cleaner is dedicated to environmental sustainability in addition to safety and dependability. Because UVC light doesn’t leave behind any poisonous gases, residues, or chemicals, using it for sanitization is naturally environmentally beneficial. With its UVC light technology, the LUMIN provides a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to some traditional cleaning techniques that could worsen pollution in the environment.


Although it might be unsettling, heavy breathing during sleep is a challenge that can be conquered with the correct care and attention. A dependable and easy way to maintain clean and sanitised CPAP equipment is with the LUMIN CPAP Cleaning Machine & Multipurpose Sanitizer. CPAP therapy is a very successful treatment for sleep apnea. Thus, it guarantees a sound and peaceful night’s sleep.