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The Effects of Neglecting to Clean Your CPAP Equipment

Let’s begin with the post by knowing the need for CPAP cleaners. Well, many people struggle with snoring. The unpleasant situation is obstructed during sleeping and is a possible sign of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), which is known to be a serious medical condition. People struggling with this condition often feel breathing interruptions that further cause them to snore. Doctors usually prescribe patients with CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea.

While the CPAP machine is great equipment to deal with sleep apnea, it is important for all to understand the importance of good sanitisation. Yes, it might sound like a big deal to clean your CPAP equipment such as mask, tube, headgear and water chamber every day, but have you ever wondered if the dirt is still lurking inside the cpap equipment, bacteria, mildew germs, and other harmful pathogens can impact your health. So, the best way to clean your CPAP equipment is by using an regulatory approved medical grade CPAP cleaning machine. If you ignore cleaning the equipment, it might deposit bacteria that can further cause other undesirable side effects.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dirty CPAP Machines?

Many CPAP users experience rapid growth of mold and bacteria in the CPAP filters, tunes, and humidifiers. Have you realized what harm it can cause to your body? It can make your lungs irritant and you want to experience coughing. It can further cause an unpleasant experience that can directly affect your health in certain ways.

Here are a few symptoms that you might encounter if you don’t clean a CPAP equipment:

Skin Irritation: If your CPAP equipment is not clean then it can directly affect your skin. You might experience peeling skin or acne where the mask touches your face. If you experience this condition, then you must know it’s time to clean your device.

Smell: This is probably the first thing that you will notice if your CPAP equipment is dirty. As soon as you sense a weird smell, then chances are that the device is collecting mold, bacteria, or mildew inside. It is not pleasant to use a product that smells.

Runny Nose: You all know that CPAP works as a therapy for your nose and if you are experiencing a runny nose, then it might be a sign that you should clean your equipment.

Frequent Illness: In case you are falling more ill than usual, then it might be your CPAP equipment to blame. It has been observed that pneumonia and sinus infections are frequently the results of poorly cleaned machines.

People might experience other symptoms such as lung irritation, sore throat, congestion, and respiratory infection, these can be possible signs of dirty CPAP devices. So, make sure you regularly clean your device to avoid such adverse effects.

What Happens If You Neglect Cleaning The CPAP Equipment?

Doctors usually recommend regular cleaning of CPAP equipment to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the device. There can be serious medical complications that can arise due to insufficient cleaning of the machine. The CPAP equipment includes the primary device, humidifier, water chamber, and tubing system. You must make sure to clean every piece of equipment with the high grade CPAP cleaning machine to remove the toxins from the device.

Some of the significant health issues that might arise because of not cleaning the CPAP device are listed as follows:

Throat or Respiratory Infections: Irritation in the throat (pharyngitis), sinusitis, or ear infection can happen to a person because of the infrequent cleaning of devices. You might also experience influenza, the common cold, and laryngitis.

Sinus Infections: In case you already have a sinus infection, the insufficient cleaning of CPAP devices can result in worsening the condition. It may further take up to a week to recover from this by taking antibiotic treatment.

Pneumonia: Having difficulty in breathing, coughing with phlegm, chills, and other complications can occur in the lungs and it might worsen the condition further.

Allergic Reactions: People also experience allergic reactions such as headaches, sneezing, nose irritation, throat, and even eye irritation. The person usually needs antibiotics treatment to recover from the condition.

Cough: Having a cough can disrupt your sleep and concentration. It might further require around six weeks to recover properly.

CPAP Cleaning Machine Is A Must Have Accessory

It is quite evident from the information above that regular cleaning of CPAP devices is quintessential. Not doing so can cause severe health issues and disrupt your healthy lifestyle. So, if you have been neglecting cleaning your CPAP device or to avoid it because of laziness, then it’s a good time to invest in a CPAP cleaning machine. You can buy the best regulatory approved CPAP cleaner in Australia from Lumin Australia. You will also find testimonials from the customers who have made purchases and read their experience of using the product. So, wait no more and explore the official website to buy one today.